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Yates Pharmacy is proud to be an independent, locally owned community pharmacy. Scott Yates has been a part of this community since birth and is working to give back his best to the community he cares about. At Yates Pharmacy we do truly care about our customers. We strive to know everyone by name. We are committed to our customers well being and the local community we are a part of. You will not only receive quick, convenient service but you have the opportunity to have one on one counseling on any drug you are prescribed. Plus, the best prices on prescription drugs! Yates Pharmacy cares about all of your medical needs and is working hard everyday to meet and improve those needs.

Meet Our Team

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Scott Yates


Pharmacist/Owner, Scott Yates, Pharm.D, graduated from McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Birmingham, AL, in 2002. After graduation he continued to work at Wal-Mart Pharmacy for 13 months and then joined Mike Harris at his pharmacy in October 2003. Scott has worked in the pharmacy business for 18 years, starting in high school working through college and with Mike for 10 years. He is a great source of health information for you and your family. Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals.

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Mike Harris


Pharmacist Mike Harris came to Russellville working as a pharmacist for Charlie Lawson at the Prescription Center in 1980. He then bought Mallory Discount Drugs in 1994 and opened his own pharmacy. He has been a practicing pharmacist for nearly 30 years. His integrity and service to the community are what makes Yates Pharmacy a well established business today.

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Laura Benningfield


Pharmacist Laura Benningfield, Pharm.D, graduated from the University of Kentucky School of Pharmacy in 2008. She worked for Walgreens pharmacy for 4 years and then joined our staff in May 2012. She is a certified immunizer and has additional training in the compounding of non-sterile products. Laura would love to talk to you about your prescription profile and give you the confidence needed to take control of your healthcare.

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Suzanna Mayes

Suzanna Mayes has been working at the pharmacy for 14 years. In that time, she has worked in all areas of the pharmacy gaining knowledge and experience. Suzanna knows our customers by name and takes great care in filling prescriptions.

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Jenny Wells

Jenny Wells, certified pharmacy technician, has worked for this pharmacy for 8 years. She also has experience in chain and long-term care pharmacy. Jenny has a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding our pharmacy data system. She can process complicated claims and keeps our inventory under control. Come see Jenny for all of your prescription insurance concerns.

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Lori Gafford

Lori Gafford has a tremendous amount of healthcare experience as she has worked as a nurse, doctors office manager, and a pharmacy technician over the years. From this experience she has a tremendous amount of medical knowledge which she uses as she inputs and fills your prescription.

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Courtney Harris

Courtney Harris has worked for our pharmacy family for 7 years now. She started as a high school student and has learned so much about pharmacy in that time. Courtney also has an Administrative Assistant diploma from Bowling Green Technical College.

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Jennifer Strader

Jennifer Strader has worked for our pharmacy family for 2 & 1/2 years now. She came to us from Save More Drugs in Hopkinsville, where she gained 9 years of experience as a pharmacy technician. She enters and fills your prescription with the careful attention you deserve.

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Beth Yates

Beth Yates is one new face you might see from time to time in the pharmacy. She is the wife of Scott. Her full time job is raising their 3 children but she helps out with the office work and whenever needed in the pharmacy.